Where can I buy a HelloSIM Prepaid Sim pack from?

You can get a HelloSIM Prepaid Sim pack from Merchantrade branches nationwide & affiliated Telecommunication shops. Our SIM packs are NOT available at Merchantrade branches situated in these malls - KLCC, Pavilion, Sungai Wang, KL Sentral, NU Sentral, Giant Taman Permata, Senawang Giant Hypermarket, Da Men (USJ), Medini Mall, Damansara City Mall, KL Eco City Mall, My Town Mall, Paradigm Mall, Imago Mall and TTDI (Blue Cube).

Where can I buy a HelloSIM Top-Up from?

The HelloSIM Top-Up is available nationwide at convenience stores, petrol stations, e-pay, 7-Eleven outlets, online banking, and via the Merchantrade Money App. You may also purchase and recharge the HelloSIM number using Celcom Top-Up coupons. * Top-Up using Celcom Ezload is currently not available.

How do I check the balance in my account?

You can check the balance of your account by following one of the following steps using your mobile phone:

  • Method 1 - USSD Code
    Key in *124# and press “✆“ button
  • Method 2 - SMS
    Type SMS as “BAL” and send to 2888

Can I make emergency calls to 999 and 991 when there is zero value left in my HelloSIM mobile number?

Yes, you can still make calls to emergency numbers 999, 991 with zero air time balance in your HelloSIM mobile number. You may call the special emergency number 112 from your mobile phone for Ambulance/Police assistance.

Is there an expiry date on my HelloSIM Top-Up card?

The HelloSIM Top-Up cards have an expiry date printed on the back of the card. The Top-Up card cannot be used after the expiry.

Is there an expiry date on my HelloSIM Sim Pack?

There is no expiry date for an unregistered HelloSIM Sim Pack. However, once registered the sim pack will follow the Top Up expiry date.

My account validity has expired. Can I reactivate and use my mobile number again?

In order to reactivate your account, you will need to Top Up any amount from the day your Top Up expires. This Top Up must be done within 50 days from your Top Up expiry date. On day 51, the termination process will start and your number will be completely terminated on day 60.

How do I reactive my sim card on day 51 to day 60?

You must walk in to any Merchantrade Branch to reactive the sim card and purchase a Top Up of RM90. Branch will then process to activate the sim card.

How long will the reactivation process take?

Upon submission the line will be active after 24 hours.

What will happen to my mobile number if I don’t Top Up within the additional grace period from point of line being deactivated?

Your mobile number will be terminated and you will need to buy a new sim pack if you wish to enjoy HelloSIM Mobile services.

I have lost my sim card, where can I replace it?

You may replace your lost or stolen sim card at Merchantrade Branches. There will be a charge imposed for Sim Card replacement.

My sim card is faulty, where can I replace it?

You may replace your faulty Sim Card at Merchantrade Branches. Replacement of faulty Sim Card is FREE of charge.

How many mobile numbers can be registered under single user NRIC/Passport Number with HelloSIM?

Each customer is eligible to register for up to 2 prepaid HelloSIM mobile numbers using their NRIC or Passport.

If I forget my PIN, how do I unlock my HelloSIM mobile number?

If you key in the PIN incorrectly for 3 times, your SIM Card will be locked. To unlock your SIM Card, you will need to key in the PUK 1 number illustrated on your SIM PACK.

If I forget/lose my PUK 1 number, how can I retrieve it?

You can call the HelloSIM Care line at 1900/13362 using a HelloSIM Prepaid Mobile number or 03 7200 1100 to retrieve the PUK1 number.


How do I configure my SMS Centre number in order to send SMS from my HelloSIM sim card?

Your SMS message centre number is preconfigured when you insert your SIM into your mobile phone. If the SMS is not working, check the message centre number under message setting in your mobile and reset it to +60132400000.

Where do I configure my HelloSIM message center number?

Your HelloSIM message center number can be configured under the message settings.

What happens if I send an SMS and my recipient's mobile phone is switched off?

Once you send an SMS, the charges will be deducted from your card and the SMS will be processed. We will attempt to send the SMS for over 24 hours. If your recipient is still unreachable, the SMS charges will still apply.

Whom can I send SMS to using my HelloSIM mobile number?

You may send SMS to all HelloSIM mobile numbers, all telco mobile subscribers in Malaysia and all international mobile numbers as long as your receiving number’s network is able to receive the message.

What if I try to send an SMS but my balance is insufficient?

If your HelloSIM balance is insufficient, you will receive a return SMS message informing you of insufficient balance when you send an SMS. You will need to send your SMS again after you have topped-up your HelloSIM mobile airtime balance.


Can I send MMS using my sim card?

Yes, you can if your mobile phone is MMS enable.

What are the charges for MMS service?

RM0.35 sen/MMS On-net (HelloSIM to HelloSIM)
RM0.50 sen/MMS Off-net (HelloSIM to other operators)

I sent only one (1) MMS. Why am I charged more than RM0.50 for the message sent?

Our rate is based on 50kb per block, your MMS content is charged based on the size of your MMS.

How do I configure my MMS service?

Once you have inserted the HelloSIM sim card into your mobile phone, our system will detect your phone model and will push two (2) configuration messages. Upon receiving the messages press install or save depending on your phone model. Once done, you may start using your mobile phone for both GPRS and MMS services.

I have inserted my sim card but did not receive my MMS configuration message?

You may call 1900 using your Prepaid Mobile number for assistance with your MMS & GPRS configuration.


How do I configure my GPRS settings in my phone?

Phone setting configuration for internet via SMS is no longer available. You may call 1900 to enable GPRS on your phone. This service is free of charge.

How much will I be charged for my Internet usage?

To enjoy internet data, purchase any of our BEST packages which comes with Hi-Speed data and UNLIMITED* data for 7 apps (Whatsapp, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, IMO, iFlix and HelloApp). For more information about our packs, click here.

Is there any quota for surfing Internet with HelloSIM prepaid?

With the BEST packs, the Hi-Speed data comes with a cap according to the package subscribed to. While the UNLIMITED* data is subject to our Fair Usage Policy (FUP)

What is my HelloSIM Internet surfing speed?

You will enjoy 4G LTE/ HSDPA or EDGE speed depending on your location and the service coverage.

International Roaming

How do I activate international roaming?

International roaming is activated free of charge when visiting any of our partner country. Please ensure that the roaming feature is activated in your phone setting. HelloSIM provides voice roaming only. [Note] Roaming rates are subject to country, subscription and usage. For more information, please contact our hotline 1900 for assistance.

Packs & Subscription

How much is the HelloSIM simpack?

The HelloSIM sim pack is FREE. You will however need to Top Up before you can use the line or data.

What packs does HelloSIM have?

HelloSIM has a few packages that offer Hi-Speed Data, UNLIMITED* Data and UNLIMITED* Calls to suit all budget types:

Pack Name BEST35 BEST30 BEST10 BEST5
Price RM35 RM28 RM9 RM4
Hi-Speed Data - 6GB 2GB 1GB
UNLIMITED* Data All Apps (up to 6mbps) For 7 Apps (3mbps)
(Whatsapp, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, IMO, iFlix and Hello App)
Hotspot 5GB -
Calls UNLIMITED* to all local networks
Validity 30 Days 30 Days 7 Days 3 Days
*Terms and conditions and Fair Usage Policy applies

What type of Top Up can I Top-Up — Celcom only or others

You may use HelloSIM Top Ups as well as Celcom Top Ups to top-up your HelloSIM number.
Type of Top Ups:

  1. Celcom and HelloSIM Physical Cards – top-up done via pin
  2. Celcom and HelloSIM Voucher bought from convenience stores, petrol stations, ATM's and also via e-pay terminals & 7-Eleven outlets – top-up done via pin
  3. HelloSIM Ezload – direct top-up
For Merchantrade Money customers, you may use the MM App to perform Top Ups.

How/where do I check call rates for IDD and local calls?

For local calls the rates are 15 sen/30 sec and for IDD you may find the rates here
Subscribe to any BEST packages to enjoy UNLIMITED* Calls to Local Networks.

How do I subscribe to UNLIMITED* data? — BEST 5, BEST 10, BEST 30, BEST 35

HelloSIM offers a few packages that you can subscribe to for better value and more savings, all these packs come with UNLIMITED* data at various price points and validity.
To subscribe you may:

  • SMS
    Type <CODE> & send to 60006
    Example: BEST35/BEST30/BEST10/BEST5 & send to 60006
  • USSD
    Dial *123*2#
    Download our Hello App at Google Play

How do I check balance for data

  • SMS
    Type BEST & send to 60006

What are the seven (7) UNLIMITED* apps?

The 7 UNLIMITED* apps are WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, IMO, Iflix and Hello App.

What happens after my data finishes?

If you finish using your Hi-Speed data, you may experience reduction to your speed for all data usage. However, the UNLIMITED* apps will still continue to work until your pack validity expires. * Terms and conditions and Fair Usage Policy applies

What happens after my Hi-Speed data finishes?

If you finish using your Hi-Speed data, you may experience reduction to your speed for all data usage. You can purchase another package to get more data.

Why is my UNLIMITED* Data apps slow or not working?

Our BEST pack offers UNLIMITED* internet with 3mbps speed and we apply a Fair Usage Policy (FUP) to our UNLIMITED* data. Once you have reached your Fair User Policy limit, your speed will then be reduced until the BEST pack validity expires. * Terms and conditions and Fair Usage Policy applies